To flow is to move along in a steady and continuous stream… gliding, unhampered, as if you are water itself. I always love when the universe is trying to give me a clear message. There were two posts the other day that jumped out at me and caught my attention. They both spoke about the ability to keep moving on, that it wasn’t enough just to make a move, but that you had to keep the motion flowing. That is… Read more »

It is a grey day. I did not sleep very well last night and so I am tired. But it is a “writing” day and so I must get in the frame of mind to work on a blog post or perhaps on a chapter of my “long form” writing project.  I am really trying to just get into my flow and to do that I do a bit of a yoga stretch, and some breathing to help ease me… Read more »

You have to sit in the place you are in before you can go to the place you want to be… I was inspired to go to a yoga class the other day.  It was a salutations class – a salutation to the moon ritual.  What was wonderful about it was that it turned out to be a small group of women and each of us seemed to be deeply rooted and focused in the art of the salutation, and… Read more »