I have been noticing how I feel after I meditate or do my Nia practice.  I am sensing the flow of my energy – my thoughts, the way my body feels, my emotions…. There is most certainly an openness, a joyfulness, a feeling of fulfillment, contentment. I feel grateful, abundant. And I think, I have to hold on to that!  So I concentrate on the information, the vibration. What if we could just open up all our flows… of energy,… Read more »

Every thought, feeling, sound, or action from us contributes to the nature of the vibration that emanates from our body.  The truth is that we can attract similar energy vibrations to us.  Have you ever been with a group of friends where the joy is so infectious that your belly hurt from all the laughter?  Or conversely with a friend who was sad, and you felt that sadness in your own heart and soul.  It is so important to be… Read more »

It is hard to look back at your life and not judge yourself.  And what is the point of doing that, anyway?  Judgment only traps you in a negative vibration cycle, one where you are constantly pitting yourself against what you may think have been a better path with better choices, a place where you can only find pain and regret, not a place of forgiving yourself for not knowing how a situation would play out, what the outcome of… Read more »