The sea is where I find my quiet and stillness. It is where I can feel the wind kiss my skin, and where the secrets of the ocean’s tides can be heard as they carry a message to the shore and my soul. At the sea, my thoughts and feelings are crystallized; yet seem to freely flow as the tides flow with ease. Everything at the sea moves. The water, the air, the sounds of the currents covering and uncovering… Read more »

In our busy world of life, it is all too easy for us to not take the time needed to retreat into our selves.  If your household is anything like mine, there is a rare chance of having the space and time for quiet, peace, and solitude.  But it is so important for all of us to find that sanctuary, a private escape where we can go within to restore and recharge.   It is in that space that we can… Read more »