The lazy, sweet days of summer…. The summer is in full swing and I am thinking about things I can do to really enjoy the fruits of the season.  I want to do things that will bring joy and meaning to my summer days. I started to think back to my childhood… I went to camp, played outside, spent my days at the beach…  I was carefree and easy drinking bug juice and sailing the summer seas. Childhood immediately brings… Read more »

Each day the sun rises and we begin anew.  The light of the morning begins to warm our bodies and soothe our souls.  Our breath flows and we see the wonders of the universe around us.  In the passage of the night we not only sleep, but dream, and restore our most delicate spirits, downloading all that we need to assess, sort out, file, and gain perspective on, giving us the opportunity to reset our hearts, and be ready to… Read more »

In our busy world of life, it is all too easy for us to not take the time needed to retreat into our selves.  If your household is anything like mine, there is a rare chance of having the space and time for quiet, peace, and solitude.  But it is so important for all of us to find that sanctuary, a private escape where we can go within to restore and recharge.   It is in that space that we can… Read more »