The lazy, sweet days of summer…. The summer is in full swing and I am thinking about things I can do to really enjoy the fruits of the season.  I want to do things that will bring joy and meaning to my summer days. I started to think back to my childhood… I went to camp, played outside, spent my days at the beach…  I was carefree and easy drinking bug juice and sailing the summer seas. Childhood immediately brings… Read more »

So often we search for something that will make us feel better, something that will make us feel inspired, loved.  I was watching the Dr. Wayne Dyer movie “The Shift” the other day. There were so many things that he talked about that made me laugh, cry, and think. But his words about how everything we needed was given to us in the womb resonated deeply for me.  That during those nine months of our development, we are given everything… Read more »

We seek and search our souls for our very purpose, our passion. And it is there – the glimmer of light, the kernel of absolute truth – within us. We must just access that place, our path, the one that we believe is ours, our destiny, where the very essence of who we truly are breathes and ignites.  

What are you grateful for today? Positivity Challenge Day 2: 1. I am grateful for the sunshine that lights my day and brightens my path and generally makes everything look a little better than I thought.  2. I am grateful that I live so close to the ocean – and that I am able to see, hear, and feel it everyday. I make it a point to see the water at least once in my day, usually it is a… Read more »

I watched the sun set to the sea. And the fireflies dance along the wildflowers. The sky was a deep pink, red, and blue pastel Shaded in hues beyond a rainbow’s. The tiny flash of golden light twinkle toed. It dotted and sparkled As it lyrically played in the field. The moon had risen and the first star shone, Beckoning “I wish I may I wish I might” For the dreams to wish come true this night. The sky now… Read more »

The Law of Attraction works in mysterious ways. I have recently recognized how many women have come into my life, how many mermaids have swum into my cove, how many of us share the same emotional collective consciousness of experience, betrayal, and doubts to our self worth, all under the auspices of relationships and love. Like attracts like, positive attracts positive… and though we all did not necessarily recognize the why of our initial connection, it is clear now that… Read more »

I wake up.  My eyes open and sunlight floods my senses.  Light is a wonderful thing.  This winter has been difficult at best.  The darkness of the past few months stands as a metaphor for the darkness within.  In my hibernation, within myself, I sometimes get lost in the weariness, in the despair and sadness, and in the frustration and discontent of it all. It is also in those quiet, introspective times that we find our most frail and vulnerable… Read more »