Open your eyes. Look around you. Check in with yourself about how you are feeling – are you centered, are you tired, do you feel refreshed, are you ready to step forward in your day? It is important to see things clearly, and to understand what is real, what “is.”  It is not uncommon for us to think about the past, to wonder “what if,” or to imagine or fantasize about something or someone that we want.  But when you… Read more »

“Take things as they come.”  “Be present.”  “Live the moment.”  All great drops of advice and all important to having peace in your heart.  So why is it that we have such a difficult time doing them?  Many of us analyze, over analyze, think, and over think why certain events and relationships happen in our lives.  We are stuck on not only the fact that they happened, but on the why.  After all, everything happens for a reason.  But is… Read more »

  I often wonder how I got to this place… through all the trials and tribulations… how I somehow continued despite the derailment, the heartbreak, and the shattering of dreams.  I did manage to survive it all, and to arrive here in this moment where I can see the blessings in my life, where I can see the beauty, where my heart is open with gratitude, and where my soul is at peace.      

It has been such a long time since I have really written anything… I have been thinking about that lately, and feeling that it might be time to dive in to my heart that feels so broken, shattered from the loss of my father, and the shifts of life that have rippled from that loss.  A friend sent me a book shortly after my father died… “How to Heal A Grieving Heart” by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh.  It… Read more »

    Everything about everything I read or see is telling me to let go of everything except what is directly in front of me, what is in this very moment.  How easy it is to just center yourself on what it is that is happening just within your fingertips’ reach.  No need to think about what happened a few minutes ago, or yesterday, or last year, or ten years ago for that matter.  No need to worry or become… Read more »

Who am I?  We can all answer that question in regards to what roles we play: whether we are a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a child, what kind of work we do, what kind of service we are committed to. The background we come from, the education we have, everything seems to define who we are. I am a mother, daughter, sister, and spouse. I am inspired to connect to and express my creative voice through writing and to… Read more »

Relationships are about balance. It is that give and take, that exchange of energy that allows relationships to work.  Each of us has needs and desires, be it in a friendship, a romance, or a business partnership.  We expect the person to behave in a certain way – to be respectful, loving, kind, and honest, and to honor our needs and desires.  But it is with those expectations that we are so often disappointed or disenchanted.  Our friend, lover, or… Read more »

I wake up.  My eyes open and sunlight floods my senses.  Light is a wonderful thing.  This winter has been difficult at best.  The darkness of the past few months stands as a metaphor for the darkness within.  In my hibernation, within myself, I sometimes get lost in the weariness, in the despair and sadness, and in the frustration and discontent of it all. It is also in those quiet, introspective times that we find our most frail and vulnerable… Read more »