Gratefulness. Truly we can be grateful only when we recognize what makes our heart sing, our soul swoon, our very being dance with delight. Open your eyes, your heart, your soul, your mind and see and feel and smell and touch and taste the world. It is through those experiences that we become conscious of our treasures.    Day 5: 1. I am grateful for the gift of love that I am able to give and receive. 2…. Read more »

  1. I am grateful to be inspired everyday by the writing, philosophy, and wisdom of great thinkers. There are so many great works to read… so much insight and perspective to make us think about things deeply. 2. I am grateful to all the writers, artists, healers, and teachers who diligently post everyday on facebook, putting inspirational messages, and words of encouragement and support into our world. And I am grateful to be amongst them!  3. I am grateful… Read more »

Positivity Challenge, Day 3: Sometimes you just have to be grateful for a moment in time where everything feels perfectly balanced. It is in those times that your worries, or doubts, or fears all melt away. There is no pressure and no sadness. More importantly, there is no expectation. You are divinely present on the continuum of time, and energy. Here are three moments from my recent travels – spectacular, beautiful, and exquisitely perfect in their own right – that… Read more »

What are you grateful for today? Positivity Challenge Day 2: 1. I am grateful for the sunshine that lights my day and brightens my path and generally makes everything look a little better than I thought.  2. I am grateful that I live so close to the ocean – and that I am able to see, hear, and feel it everyday. I make it a point to see the water at least once in my day, usually it is a… Read more »

Oh, no! It’s the Positivity Challenge! I actually have been dreading this … hoping to not get nominated. But when I saw that I had been tagged in a post, I found I had no choice but to accept the challenge: “Today I nominate Dani Pring, Jill Alman-Bernstein and Arielle Manzi to begin the challenge where you name 3 things you are grateful for for the next 5 days and nominate 3 people to join in each day. Finding something… Read more »