my soul got lost for a little while copy


I often wonder how I got to this place… through all the trials and tribulations… how I somehow continued despite the derailment, the heartbreak, and the shattering of dreams.  I did manage to survive it all, and to arrive here in this moment where I can see the blessings in my life, where I can see the beauty, where my heart is open with gratitude, and where my soul is at peace.




One thought on “My Soul Got Lost for a Little While…

  1. Betsy Krumbholz

    I totally agree! Originally born and raised in WNY, I never saw the ocean until I was 19. It grabbed my heart & soul. From then on, I knew I would live on it some day. It took many years, but it eventually happened, first as a winter rental, weekends only in 2007, then in 2008-2011, and again permanently since 10/14. I don’t think I could survive the stresses of the days & my disabilities without her calming waves and salt air!


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