Swimming through the currents of life can be quite difficult at times. The turbulent waters can be challenging, the rough and choppy rushing of the waves can undermine the strongest of foundations, testing our resolve, our confidence, and our very outlook. Not one of us is immune to the tangled ropes, the discomfort of walking rocky shores, the sting of seaweed wrapped around our mermaid forms, or even the bite from a fellow soul of the sea. Yet despite the thrashing waters, we must remain steadfast in our journey. We must learn the lessons we are to learn, find the calm within our personal storm, and without a glance back, swim on.

swim on

I am grief stricken.

My heart swells with an emptiness only filled with tears.

I cling, but to what?

The words that inspired me,

held me together,

kept me moving forward

are empty….

their vapid intentions devoid of anything

interesting or

worthwhile or


That is the thing…


Hope must be in your heart,

in your mind,

in your soul. 

There must be some degree,

some inkling of hope that can serve

as a knot in the thread

that stops you from falling…..


falling into that abyss of sadness and pain.

Grief can be a lonely path,

an isolated journey. 

So you have to open your heart and shed your tears.

You must believe in love and heaven

and forgiveness and angels and messages from

somewhere beyond where you can see.

You must dive deep into your soul

and reach out for that sliver of hope that is hiding –

as if in a game of hide and seek – wanting to be found,

just as you want to be loved,

just as you want to be saved,

just as you want to be.


Thank you to everyone for celebrating with me! I loved all your beautiful comments and stories. You all inspire me to keep posting and writing, and just to keep going period.

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i am laid out in my full glorious formI am of the sea,

my body

sea foam and sparkling algae,

rises to the surface

each time the sun

greets the waves’ cresting arch.


I am of the sea,

I am water through and through,

I glide,

I shimmer,

I float.

I ride the ebbs and flows,

I am carried as a child in its mother’s womb,

the tide, washing me out and ashore

cleansing all that is not necessary,

all that does not belong to water,

out of me.


The tide rolls in and kisses the shore,

and I am laid out in my full glorious form,

wrung through the layers of sea and sand,

each granule and drop tells me a secret,

tells me from where my soul comes.


I dance as the water crests in the light,

I bounce and jump

delighting in the charged water

that gives life

and peace

and love.


I am at home in the ocean,

I am at ease with the tides,

I am of the sea.

I find myself searching.  I find myself, searching.  Searching for a light, a path, a way to personal peace, serenity, happiness.  The sun rises and the skies brighten; yet I awake with a heavy heart, my soul unsettled, it questions.  With both feet on the ground now I take stock of how I feel.  My muscles and joints ache.  There is sadness in my heart. And so I begin the daily search – I breathe, deep breaths, to cleanse my soul, cleanse my energy.  I reach my arms to the heavens to stretch my physical form, allowing my very breath to infiltrate and then fill every cell with the purity of the love that I hold within.  I feel somewhat centered now and so move on with my day.  But there is still that scent of sadness.  It is as if there is on one shoulder, my left, a bubble of happiness, and on the right, one of sadness.  And it is so much easier to look to the right.  And when I do, I find sadness just sitting and waiting.

I have tried many paths, searched for answers, solutions, ways to stave off the sadness, find happiness, heal my heart. I have searched with astrology, numerology, psychic readings, channeled readings, shamanic healings, energy clearings, Akashic Record Readings, past life readings, Jin Shin Jyutsu, yoga, meditation, aryuveda, Chinese medicine, and Marconics.  I search for a pathway that allows me to successfully search and find myself.  All of these pathways provide a light to our deepest insight, our deepest dreams, our deepest darkness.  They are all in their own right miraculous in that they do for those moments in time somehow break through and shatter the sadness, helping to balance and align the mind, body, and soul, allowing new insight and perspective, and often a new outlook on life itself.

The searching and finding is a process, a journey, a metaphor for life. If we live presently in each moment, search moment to moment for that peace, serenity and happiness, we can be at ease with our life and ourselves.  We can turn our heads to the left, and live in that happiness bubble – because in the present there is no worry or anxiety about what is coming or what may be, there is only what is.  We are truly capable of breathing in love and balance.  We can taste presence, and the greatness we hold for ourselves within.  So search. Search high and low. Do not leave any path untried. Search the heavens and the stars and the oceans and the shores. Search deeply within. And find yourself.


Resources for healing:




Jin Shin Jyutsu  – https://www.jsjinc.net/

Marconics  – http://www.marconicrecalibration.com/

The sea is where I find my quiet and stillness. It is where I can feel the wind kiss my skin, and where the secrets of the ocean’s tides can be heard as they carry a message to the shore and my soul.

the sea is where I find my quiet and stillnessAt the sea, my thoughts and feelings are crystallized; yet seem to freely flow as the tides flow with ease. Everything at the sea moves. The water, the air, the sounds of the currents covering and uncovering the earth’s sandy floor… At the sea, there is clarity and a freshness of perspective. It is where I go to find myself.


“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep!
”  ~Rumi

We experience things – traumas, hardships, heartbreak…  and they wake us up for a while.  We are able to see our world with a new perspective and open heart and soul, our minds accepting an expanded consciousness…. a boundless terrain of possibilities and options.  And then it is as if we are overwhelmed or overloaded, or that our minds cannot make sense of any more, and so we forget for awhile… We carry on in our humanness – with our responsibilities and obligations.  We suppress our inner wisdom and the draw it has on our soul.  We become sad and depressed, as repressing our true purpose and passion undermines our abilities to find and feel joy.  Until something else happens that jolts our very stability and strength.  And then once again, there is a traumatic or other heart opening experience that redirects us on to the path of spiritual exploration, integrity, and enlightenment.  How can we stay awake?  How can we prevent the sleeping sickness from taking over our beings?  The secrets Rumi writes about are the secrets of the universe, our personal universe as well as the collective and unified one.  Listen to the whispers, the gentle breeze that echoes through you.  In them you will surely find you.

And what an interesting discovery to see that those lines I quoted were part of this poemthe breeze at dawn:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.

Don’t go back to sleep.

we can only be said to be alive



Gratefulness. Truly we can be grateful only when we recognize what makes our heart sing, our soul swoon, our very being dance with delight. Open your eyes, your heart, your soul, your mind and see and feel and smell and touch and taste the world. It is through those experiences that we become conscious of our treasures. 


Day 5:
1. I am grateful for the gift of love that I am able to give and receive.
2. I am grateful for the land on which I live and how it is bountiful with flowers and vegetables and fruit, and that it is home to so many lovely unique and colorful creatures.
3. I am grateful for the ocean and how it has called to me and reminded me that I have the soul of a mermaid.

What treasures are you grateful for?