it's time to ask yourself.jpgI have been pondering one of my catch phrases …. “Dive deep.” Meaning is a subjective thing. We give everything in our life meaning by the value we place on it.   So I asked myself, what is the value of diving deep into my heart and soul? The painful unraveling of the puzzle of who I am, chiseling the layers of self protection to discover that essence, where every breath, if I let it, helps shatter the illusions, the non truths, inviting me to reach for and grasp my very passion and purpose that I am diving for, to find and live in alignment and balance.

We dive for the inspiration to get through our day, our life. We dive for answers to our many questions. We dive with our mermaid sisters so we can know that we are not alone, that we are supported and loved though our journey is fraught with emotional undertows.

We dive deeply into our selves so that we may find our highest and greatest good, so that we can know peace and joy in our soul. For when we follow our passion, we indeed find our purpose and then our world all at once makes perfect sense. Dive deep…


Precious soul,
you are filled with so much love
yet your light flickers in the struggle to be earthbound.
You say that it is hard to be in this body,
that you feel like you are detached in aspects of your day to day life exercises,
and I embrace your sweet hearted form and hold you tightly,
hoping that my light will help give yours a stronger flame,
that my energy will give you the strength to weather your daily storms.

Precious soul,
we were warriors in a past life,
family or lovers in another,
I feel your pain as my own,
I feel your heart as mine,
I hear your soul cries and am here to guide you through the rough seas,
through the turbulence and swells at the depth of your ocean,
at the depths of your heart and soul.

Precious soul,
do not fear,
you are not alone,
I am with you,
and I embrace you with love.

The other day a flock of crows, actually a murther which has morphed into the term murder of crows, due to their scavenging nature, gathered in the trees in our yard. At first I gulped and my heart skipped a beat. I was immediately fearful letting my superstitions take me hostage. Everything I knew about crows signaled a bad omen and death. And I had just booked travel to Europe so I was sufficiently freaked out. But my friend who I was walking with said no, that the crows signified something much more valuable and that I should google the crow as a spirit animal and see what symbol and message this group of birds had for me. And so I did.

The first thing I found was this: “The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic.  The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is to provide insight and means of supporting intentions. A sign of luck, it is also associated with the archetype of the trickster; be aware of deceiving appearances.  If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.”

Well that was a great start. It eased my initial fears at least. As I continued to read, I learned that the crow is fearless, another good sign for me. I thought it was interesting that they build their nests in very tall trees so they can get a better vision or perspective on their world. A higher perspective definitely worked for me, who always is trying to figure out what things mean and why they happen. The crow, as a spirit guide, remember does guide you to getting in touch with life’s mysteries. It guides you to develop your ability to perceive the subtle shifts in energy within yourself and your environment. It encourages you to develop your personal power and speak your truth. So why fear this bird that appears to be the very sign I needed to break through my personal anxiety and fear of not just this impending trip, but in my life as a whole?

That old superstition of being a bad omen or foretelling death, that is of the ancient culture and era. We are entering into a new era where we are stripping away layers of our old selves, old beliefs, and old ways. The crow brings a message of this “passing” and the birth of our new paradigm. This “passing” can come in the form of many changes – job, relationship, or personal revelation.

And just when I think I can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief, I barely sleep a wink and wake up in a jumble of nerves to the sound of you guessed it, crows! I am trying really hard to see the enlightened symbolism. I am trying not to be deceived by the fear that lives inside me. I am told to see the crow as bringing blessed change. I am to listen closely to the caw for the message and then prepare myself to release all that has been impeding my path, and be poised to enter a new dimension of being, and fly, just as the crow.



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to flow.jpgTo flow is to move along in a steady and continuous stream… gliding, unhampered, as if you are water itself.

I always love when the universe is trying to give me a clear message. There were two posts the other day that jumped out at me and caught my attention. They both spoke about the ability to keep moving on, that it wasn’t enough just to make a move, but that you had to keep the motion flowing.

That is the key. You have to keep moving, flowing. And keep flowing forward at that. I have discovered that the art of that flow is to anchor yourself each day with things that help you stay grounded and feeling productive and good about yourself. I call these my “three little somethings.” I have found that if I can do three little somethings each day, that my energy, outlook, and overall health improve. The first something is something for myself – like conscious breathing, meditation, exercise, yoga, a walk on the beach, or a lovely bath just to name a few ideas; second, something productive – maybe it’s for work, maybe it is for the household… it could be a task, a chore, catching up on correspondence or filing, maybe it is cleaning off my desk! Maybe it is as simple as driving one of my children somewhere, or in my case the other night, preparing a family dinner for nine. The third something is something creative – journal, paint, dance, write, sing… for me it is usually writing, but maybe it is creating posters for my facebook page, maybe it is playing guitar or piano.   Doing something for my creative heart and soul lifts my spirit and at the same time renews my energy.

Accomplishing my “three little somethings” each day helps me to stay grounded, happy, and feeling good about myself. And by the way, if for some reason I don’t get to all three, I forgive myself, knowing that I did the best I could, and that tomorrow is a new day. I keep flowing forward, drifting, swimming, gliding… whatever it takes to just stay in the art of flow.

That is what it is like to be a writer. To always feel like we must express ourselves with written words. That our thoughts and feelings must be given a voice and shared with someone, anyone, everyone. We are sorcerers, magicians, dramatists, philosophers, and theorists. We are the dreamers. In the words of William H. Gass, “The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”

I was so excited when I saw Patricia Saxton’s post that she was doing a blog hop. A few years ago, another friend had invited me to a hop. But I wasn’t ready. And although I really wanted to dive in and become part of the blogging community, I was a long way from being a blogger. Almost a year into my I Must Be A Mermaid blog, here I am at the hop!




I think I have always been a mermaid.  For as long as I can remember I have loved the sea, returning time and time again to the deep waters to soothe my soul and bring peace to my heart.   Anais Nin’s quote gripped me and never let me go – “I Must Be A Mermaid.  I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”  And so it was with that as my guiding light that I began to dive deeply into and give voice to my personal emotional storms.  Life, like the ocean is a constant ebb and flow.  We are in perpetual transformation. As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, editor, writer’s coach, and mermaid, I have much to write and comment about.


1.What am I working on/writing?

I am always writing. I find myself jotting down ideas and thoughts all the time. My computer desktop is full with files of all sorts of things that strike me about life and the world in which I live. Essays, poems, stories, commentary… all make their way from my heart and mind to the page. Although much of what I write becomes blog posts, several months ago I began writing a long form project and I am trying hard to find time to consistently work on what I am thinking of calling ‘Tales from’ or ‘Caught in’ the net of life.


2.How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

There are so many fantastic and brilliant writers out there that inspire me to think and to give voice to my own introspection. Every voice is unique and so my perspective is unique to me and my experiences. I think I write and speak for a collective of women who are my peers and soul sisters, swimming through the ups and downs of children, marriage, relationships, life’s turbulent currents, and the emotional weather that we all experience.


3.Why do I write what I do?

I am an emotional creature. Some would call me an empath, sensitive to every nuance in the world around me. Everything affects me. Everything tears at my heart and soul. I am compelled to write as I am compelled to breathe and live. William Wordsworth said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” And that is exactly what I do. I write because my feelings and thoughts burst from me. I write because I cannot bear not to express my feelings and thoughts. “I write only because there is a voice within me that refuses to be still.” Sylvia Plath.


4.How does my writing process work?

I have post its, pieces of paper, notes on my phone, notes in a document on my computer… Words, phrases, fragments of ideas seem to fly in to me – it is like they come in to my air space and circle, coming in at various degrees and intensities. I try to write something everyday whether it be just writing down an idea to write on, or fleshing out something that has been on my mind. I often write when I am on the bicycle at the gym, furiously punching the keys into my iphone notes section as I spin at speeds in excess of 70 rpm’s. Some of my best pieces have been started on those early morning rides where I navigate my day’s emotional waves. I put on headphones and listen to music when I write. It is important that I feel secluded, tucked in to my world. I like to write when I can focus on only the written words being expressed through my thoughts, uninterrupted in the quiet times of morning or late at night. Because I was a freelance editor and writer’s coach, I write and edit and work my pieces through several times… reading them aloud to myself and sometimes even to my husband. I find it really helps to hear the words out loud. When I am working towards a deadline (like for a blog post,) my process is a little more structured.   I might read and rework a piece several times each day leading up to the post time, each time getting it closer, revising and honing the words, the structure, and the tone of the piece.


I do hope I have inspired you to go and create! I think sharing these kinds of insights and philosophies about the art of writing helps others to feel more comfortable and confident in their own creative pursuits. After all, we are all connected. We are all here to support and nurture each other.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bernadette Rose Smith for graciously inviting me to participate in this blog hop. You can read more about Bernadette and her ‘musings from the messy room’ below.




Bernadette Rose Smith is the resident muse of MuseFusions. A writer and artist, she makes marks on paper with words and paint. Strives to be messy and playful. Casts all “shoulds” to the wind. Surrounds herself with artful and literary eye candy. Finds courage in embracing her vulnerability publicly. And, when she makes a real mess, she upcycles, repurposes and takes recreation in her re-creation. Her fidgety fascination with the power of words to heal birthed Enlightened Ink and published “Bernadette’s Pages: An Intimate Crossroad,” a book that journeys through the “I do but he doesn’t” time in her marriage. (Because life’s messy moments are invitations to love.) Bernadette also spends time in people’s homes and closets. (No, she’s not a voyeur or stalker.) She offers a holistic blend of Feng Shui, de-cluttering and organizing through her company, Enlightened Interiors. You’ll find her musing on Facebook and blogging at Musings from the Messy Room,  where you will find her answers to the Writer’s Blog hop.


And now I would like to introduce three wonderful friends and fellow writers who are next up on the hop: Ivy Tobin, Vanessa Kent, and Sue Watt:

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Who is Ivy Tobin?
I live in Palm Harbor, Florida with my husband Harry, my daughter Sara, two cats and have always loved acting and writing.  At five years old I discovered my burning desire, and fueled this fire by performing in Community Theater while growing up in South Florida.  To my parent’s dismay, my passion for theater (and later, writing) wasn’t just a phase and I continued my quest for artistic achievement during high school and as a drama major in college. 
After college I spent fourteen years as a struggling actor in New York City. I was a professional background artist (extra) in several films, a reoccurring character on a soap opera, worked in several commercials, appeared in a MEARLOAF music video and performed in countless off off Broadway plays. I wrote a few plays and a collection of poetry. Acting and writing didn’t pay the rent so I waited tables, checked coats, did temp work, and was a receptionist for several different doctor’s offices.
Pursuing an acting career helped perfect the art of people pleasing and I later used this skill to develop my Facebook page and Blog:  “The Society for Recovering Doormats” launched in 2012. Rose Gardner, a fictional character, is the voice I use in both.  Rose’s story can be read in my completed, full length, fictional novel; “My Life As a Doormat.”  I’m currently seeking agent representation and/or a publisher for my manuscript and will be posting about “My Life as a Doormat” in the upcoming weeks on my blog site and on Facebook.  
Vanessa Head Shot Pic
Vanessa Kent sees herself as being in the great question of life.  She continues the exploratory conversation through various mediums of expression.  Vanessa is a teacher of yoga, an artist, a writer and a mom. Her articles have been published through elephant journal online (links below). Vanessa leads yoga retreats internationally offering others the opportunity to go inward, to open up the channels of the source spring of creative expression that begin there.  Vanessa can be reached via email, FaceBook or followed on Twitter.





First and foremost, Sue Watt is a believer in the art of self-reinvention! In her early life she saw herself only through the eyes of abuse. After leaving home she became a social worker and a Christian, determined to change the world! She met and married her first husband and unwittingly found herself right back in the world of abuse all over again – this time it was mental and emotional and not nearly so easy to identify.

Twenty years and eight children later, Sue was ready to start over – this time as a solo mother to her vast brood, the youngest less than 12 months old. This was a re-invention she was proud of because recovery had exploded into Sue’s world, shattering every illusion and showing her finally who she could be!

She began writing then, as part of her recovery process, and discovered not only a knack for words, but a passion to use those words to reach out to others struggling in their own lives. It was into that reinvention that Peter strode and together they now make their home on board an 1800’s inspired schooner, the Argos, on whom they are sailing the seas and enjoying a life of freedom!

Miles Away From Abuse was born to offer a voice to those trapped, and an opportunity to give support. Sue blogs about recovery from abuse on Miles Away from abuse, and about the sailing life on their sailing blog and often shares posts on both blogs that connect her two passions.

You can follow Sue at ; and on Facebook at ; and


Please also visit Patricia Saxton at



“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” I have always thought that Elvis Presley quote to be somewhat puzzling. How does one ‘go’ with wrong things? And where would one go anyway? Well, I have realized that the quote is really talking about one’s thoughts.   When everything is falling apart, spiraling down, becoming darker and murkier, and it looks like there is no light in the tunnel, you must not allow yourself to keep going in that direction. You must find something to hang on to, something that helps you stand on solid ground and navigate through the difficulty. We tend to follow our thoughts – whether they are positive or negative. It is our thoughts that will carry us upwards or downwards, and the choice of which way we will go is of course ours.

The past few weeks have been rather difficult for me. And it is that falling apart and spiraling down that has tested my patience and grounding. I am an over thinker and my thoughts are always what pull me down or lift me up, with a little overwhelm and overwrought in there for good measure. Lately I have not had all fine moments. There have been conversations in which I have screamed at a random person only doing their job as scripted at the other end of the phone line, be it not very humanly or compassionately.   My nerves are stretched between my youngest child who is suffering tremendous anxiety with school and life in general, my middle child who seems to be able to weather every storm and has glided silently through his hectic end of Senior year schedule of events and milestones with a calm akin to the peaceful sea at dawn,  and then there is my daughter… the 1:00 a.m. call from France telling us that she was ok, but that she had been attacked and robbed – credit cards, identification, cell phone all gone.   I am trying so hard to find that lifeline that will stop me from falling into the pit of things gone wrong. But it is hard. And just when I think things have leveled out and the ride will be less bumpy, something else happens. Just for some comic relief, my refrigerator died and who can possibly make a decision as important as buying a new refrigerator in the midst of all those things that have gone wrong.

And I am so tired. And when you are tired everything feels just that much worse. All of my emotions are heightened. Everything is a big deal. Everything bothers me. I told my husband that I hated the world we lived in. Like I said, not all fine moments. The other shoe always drops so to speak, and another problem weighs on my heart. And then I find myself struggling to not go with the things that have gone wrong, the things that are sad, frustrating, and stressful,When things go right, go with them!.jpg and that make life difficult at that precise moment.

I try so hard to not to let the ‘bad’ things steer my thoughts, and instead find the beauty in the day. The incredible sunset, the great vista from the beach, even the way the light shines through the leaves and branches as they gently rock in the breeze. Those are the “good” things, the “right” things, the blessings – the things that make you take a deep breath and smile and appreciate life. Why not say, “When things go right, go with them!”






I watched the sun set to the sea.

And the fireflies dance along the wildflowers.

The sky was a deep pink, red, and blue pastel

Shaded in hues beyond a rainbows.

The tiny flash of golden light twinkle toed.

It dotted and sparkled

As it lyrically played in the field.

The moon had risen and the first star shone,

Beckoning “I wish I may I wish I might”

For the dreams to wish come true this night.

The sky now richer and darker than its earlier self,

Echoed thoughts of how with each day

We too are a deeper version of ourselves.

Each sunrise and sunset informs us

Of wisdom and lessons learned,

Truths remain constant in the morning light,

Illusions fall away, having no air to breathe and grow.

Life is here and now with those who love and nurture and honor

The light that twinkles and dances as the firefly within us all.


synchronicity is nothing more than your openness.jpgOur intuition leads us in every facet of our lives if we let it. It guides us to see our world with clarity and perspective. It informs us of the steps to take or not to take on a given path at a given time and moment. If we allow ourselves to be open to its gifts, we flow in its harmony. We begin to see the synchronicities – the signs and the messages that the universe has for us.

And there are signs everywhere. I see them in the sky when the clouds form streaks and shapes that morph into some extraordinary form. I see them on the beach with heart and wishing stones, or other precious beach gems that call out my name or deliberately catch my eye.   I see them in the coincidences in the world around me.

If we are open and look with clarity, we will see the intended messages from the universe. We marvel at how the same quote comes across our news feed time and time again, the same image continually finds its way to us, the same situation or person keeps coming our way… we are surprised by the frequency and sometimes intensity of these seemingly chance occurrences.

Yet we want to see all these signs. We want to know and feel that there is something greater at work, that something has our best interest at heart, and instructs us as our own divine sense of guidance and intuition makes itself clear.

It is no wonder that as I was feeling burnt out and wondering what exactly is my true purpose, that on the cliff staring me in the face on my beach walk was a mermaid. There she was… lying in the clay of the cliff as if she were in the water. Her hair flowing down her back, her fish tail clearly outlined in the sand… She was surely meant to be there as some sign for me, wasn’t she?  And all of the sudden I had renewed energy for my creative work and my intuitive nature.



Synchronicity is nothing more than your openness to the messages of the universe and finally seeing how it all really does happen for you.

In an instant, it all becomes crystal clear. A dream that you had, that you can’t quite figure out what it means and what its message is to you, all at once resonates. A phone call or note at a specific time sheds light on something that has been troubling you. A walk in nature reveals something beautiful and meaningful, reinforcing your sense of self and purpose.

The signs, messages, synchronicities, coincidences, surprises, miracles, and wonders of life are everywhere. Receive them with an open mind, body, and heart.









sweet dreams my soul2.jpgIt is in the moonlight that my mind wanders

And my heart opens to all the sadness and sorrow in my soul.

During the day the hours and minutes and seconds tick by

Full of busy and chores,

Each day compacted into tasks

Checked off the list or moved to “to do” for tomorrow.

It is in the moonlight that my thoughts race

And my soul cries for all the things that it feels

Or does not have, or cannot do, or change.

The silver streams in the sky beckon me to close my eyes,

They promise peace in my dreams

Where all will be right and all is good.

Sweet dreams my soul,

Let me be cradled in the moon’s embrace,

Where I can repair my heart,

And drift in the lullaby of love.

The Law of Attraction works in mysterious ways. I have recently recognized how many women have come into my life, how many mermaids have swum into my cove, how many of us share the same emotional collective consciousness of experience, betrayal, and doubts to our self worth, all under the auspices of relationships and love. Like attracts like, positive attracts positive… and though we all did not necessarily recognize the why of our initial connection, it is clear now that we are sisters, our journey one.

I hear myself talking to these goddess friends, for they are all beautiful, amazing, creative, soulful, giving creatures of the sea. We write to each other, speaking of our soul wounds, seeking the channels to swim to healing waters. We speak from places that seem to be one and the same, always marveling at how another could feel the same things, having experienced the very exact hurt or question. We collectively are the net for each other – making sure that we don’t get so tangled that we can not possibly remain free and keep moving, insuring that there is a kindred soul to lend a hand or an ear, assuring that we can and will survive these turbulent waters.   There is much laughter, and many tears, but there is survival. We tell each other that we will get through this… that it will get better…that we have the strength and the love to persevere.

And I know that I am doing better, that I am getting stronger, that I am processing it all and navigating through the hurt and the pain to the realizations of personal healing and strength. I know that my getting there is largely due to these other women in my life, and that without them, I would be floating in some emotional oblivion somewhere. We all, with our own emotional crashes, provide an opportunity to look at what we are going through, and support each other with our personal experience and insight, all the time reflecting the lessons and perspectives, as if we are each a mirror turning this way and that. Careful not to be blinded by the ego’s desires, which are of fantasy and imagination, our true stories surface easily in the light. And with each day we all rise from the depths of our personal seas, breathing more easily, having more clarity, more knowledge, and more vision of who we truly are and the needs of our hearts and souls.