10406676_336069323251273_7123511049257581877_nYou are the greatness…. the beauty…. the stars in the sky…  We are living in an amazing time where we have the opportunity to connect and be one, collectively and globally.  The technology is here and the internet and social media provide the threads of which we can weave a new paradigm, a new world.  Today marks the launch of The Wellness Universe Directory.  I am very excited to be a part of this new resource of facebook pages and websites!  Hope, encouragement, inspiration, health and wellness, education…. it is all here for you!  Be a part of the shift and The Wellness Universe!



All of us are so intricately designed and woven… our synapses, the energy that ignites our thoughts, so distinctive. Our emotional heart bodies, vulnerable and broken open. Our varied physicalness embodies infinite forms.  Our paths, each of us following our personal unique code, are expansive and only limited by our own belief in who we are and who we can be. We are the rushing of the tides. We are as vast in our complexity and possibilities as the ocean itself. we are as vast in our complexity

by giving voice to our desires and wishes


I always try to set an intention for each day, one that will focus my thoughts and energy to create the most positive and wonderful experiences.  By giving voice to our desires and wishes, we actively put our intentions into the universe. So write your intention down, be clear and deliberate.  Let’s set the best 2015 in motion.

Swimming through the currents of life can be quite difficult at times. The turbulent waters can be challenging, the rough and choppy rushing of the waves can undermine the strongest of foundations, testing our resolve, our confidence, and our very outlook. Not one of us is immune to the tangled ropes, the discomfort of walking rocky shores, the sting of seaweed wrapped around our mermaid forms, or even the bite from a fellow soul of the sea. Yet despite the thrashing waters, we must remain steadfast in our journey. We must learn the lessons we are to learn, find the calm within our personal storm, and without a glance back, swim on.

swim on

I am grief stricken.

My heart swells with an emptiness only filled with tears.

I cling, but to what?

The words that inspired me,

held me together,

kept me moving forward

are empty….

their vapid intentions devoid of anything

interesting or

worthwhile or


That is the thing…


Hope must be in your heart,

in your mind,

in your soul. 

There must be some degree,

some inkling of hope that can serve

as a knot in the thread

that stops you from falling…..


falling into that abyss of sadness and pain.

Grief can be a lonely path,

an isolated journey. 

So you have to open your heart and shed your tears.

You must believe in love and heaven

and forgiveness and angels and messages from

somewhere beyond where you can see.

You must dive deep into your soul

and reach out for that sliver of hope that is hiding –

as if in a game of hide and seek – wanting to be found,

just as you want to be loved,

just as you want to be saved,

just as you want to be.


Thank you to everyone for celebrating with me! I loved all your beautiful comments and stories. You all inspire me to keep posting and writing, and just to keep going period.

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i am laid out in my full glorious formI am of the sea,

my body

sea foam and sparkling algae,

rises to the surface

each time the sun

greets the waves’ cresting arch.


I am of the sea,

I am water through and through,

I glide,

I shimmer,

I float.

I ride the ebbs and flows,

I am carried as a child in its mother’s womb,

the tide, washing me out and ashore

cleansing all that is not necessary,

all that does not belong to water,

out of me.


The tide rolls in and kisses the shore,

and I am laid out in my full glorious form,

wrung through the layers of sea and sand,

each granule and drop tells me a secret,

tells me from where my soul comes.


I dance as the water crests in the light,

I bounce and jump

delighting in the charged water

that gives life

and peace

and love.


I am at home in the ocean,

I am at ease with the tides,

I am of the sea.